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Add contact information

Add contact information The feature of adding all contact information for the store is an effective way to improve the store’s interaction with customers and enhance communication with them. Here’s an explanation of the feature: Facilitate communication: This feature allows store owners to list all key contact information clearly and prominently, such as phone number, […]
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Exchange prices

Exchange prices The exchange rate control feature of an online store refers to the ability to set the exchange rate for foreign currencies independently. This feature is of great importance for the following reasons: Determine pricing accurately: Controlling the exchange rate can help stores price their products accurately and efficiently according to exchange market fluctuations. […]
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Branches Branches feature is a feature that offers customers access to a store’s products or services through multiple branches. This approach is beneficial for customers and business as follows: Ease of access: Providing multiple branches makes it easy for customers to find the store closest to them, saving them time and effort in accessing the […]
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Offers And Group Offers

Offers And Group Offers Individual product offers: The Offers feature allows store owners to offer discounts or additional gifts with the purchase of individual products. This encourages customers to buy more products and increases the value of the shopping cart. Example: “Buy one item and get 20% off the next product.” Material range offers: This […]
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Colors, sizes

Colors, sizes and sizes The feature of adding colors, sizes and weights to products is a feature that helps store owners improve the organization of products and provide a better shopping experience for customers. Here’s an explanation of this feature: Products Customization: Adding colors, sizes and weights to products allows for precise and efficient product […]
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