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Colors, sizes and types

A variety of options for products, such as available colors, different sizes and types

Multiple store managers and employees

Multiple store managers and employees

The order in which materials appear

Ability to arrange the display of products according to preference


Ability to manage store branches if available.

Photos and video

Add several pictures to the material and add a video

Contact information and map

Provide contact details, site map, and add all social media links

Paid add-ons

Possibility of providing additional paid features to improve the user experience


Register and issue invoices easily and effectively.

Group offers

Adding one presentation to more than one item in one group


Add an offer or discount on a specific product


Adding materials to favorites for easy reference and ordering again

Discrimination of materials

Enables you to identify certain products as featured in a unique way for customers.


Display the store currency in the preferred currency

Book tables

You can create a table barcode and order from the table

exchange rate

The store manager can control the exchange rate

Payment options

Adding many flexible and safe ways to complete payment transactions easily

WhatsApp invoices

Send invoices directly to your customers via WhatsApp for easy access and interaction

Classification control

Hide and show classifications and change their images with ease

Increase the table amount

A certain percentage can be added to the table's asking price


Adding an advertisement for a specific item or store

Detailed description of the product

Add a comprehensive and detailed description for each product in your store


It provides you with a comprehensive and detailed overview of your store's performance and product sales


Add the delivery period and delivery cost to the invoice

pwa android application

Install the store as an application for easy return to the store

Hide materials

By temporarily hiding some products without removing them from the store,

Print invoices

Create and print invoices quickly and easily to facilitate the documentation process


We help you improve your site and make it appear better in search engine results

technical support

We guarantee that you will receive ongoing technical support and assistance

Sizes and weights

Enables you to set different sizes and weights for your products,

Private domain

The ability to own and use a special domain that uniquely reflects the identity of your online store

Modify all material prices

It allows you to batch and efficiently modify the prices of all products in your store


Allows you to display your store in multiple languages,