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Colors, sizes

Colors, sizes and sizes

The feature of adding colors, sizes and weights to products is a feature that helps store owners improve the organization of products and provide a better shopping experience for customers. Here’s an explanation of this feature:

Products Customization:

  • Adding colors, sizes and weights to products allows for precise and efficient product customization. Customers can choose the color and size they prefer, making the shopping experience more personal and convenient.


Offer multiple options:

  • Thanks to the ability to add colors, sizes and weights, stores can provide a variety of options to customers, increasing sales opportunities and meeting different needs.

Improve product presentation:

  • Showing colors, sizes and weights separately enhances the aesthetics of the store and contributes to making the display of products more attractive and organized.

Simplify the purchasing process:

  • Specifying colors, sizes and weights helps simplify the customer selection process and make their decisions faster and easier, which enhances the speed of completing the purchase process.

Improve your browsing experience:

  • Showing colors, sizes and weights as options provides customers with a better browsing experience, as they can browse products more precisely according to their personal preferences.

In general, adding colours, sizes and weights to products is an important tool to improve the shopping experience for customers.