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Offers And Group Offers

Offers And Group Offers

Individual product offers:

  • The Offers feature allows store owners to offer discounts or additional gifts with the purchase of individual products. This encourages customers to buy more products and increases the value of the shopping cart.
  • Example: “Buy one item and get 20% off the next product.”

Material range offers:

  • This feature allows stores to create offers associated with a specific group of products. For example, you could offer a discount on the total price of a group of products together.
  • Example: “Buy a full set of skin care products and get 15% off overall.”
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Boost sales of related products:

  • Offers can be used to boost sales of related products, as customers are incentivized to purchase additional products that match their needs.
  • Example: “Get 10% off when you purchase a bundle of fitness products together.”

Boost loyalty and new customers:

  • Offers can play a role in attracting new customers and enhancing loyalty, as customers feel they are getting extra value when shopping from a specific store.
  • Example: “For our regular customers: Buy 3 products and get the 4th free.”

Stimulating group shopping operations:

  • Offers can be used to stimulate group shopping, where customers feel the need to buy more to take advantage of the offer.
  • Example: “Buy two items and get the third for half price when you buy with friends.”

Feature offers are an effective strategy to boost sales, increase loyalty, and attract customer attention, and when used strategically, can be instrumental in enhancing the success of an e-commerce business.